Always Shopping: Cabinet Hardware

We have kitchens on the brain! With five kitchen projects currently in progress, we’ve had lots of opportunity to highlight the unique features and styles of each our clients’ homes—ranging from traditional to modern, and somewhere in between. Kitchens are detail beasts! And cabinet hardware is not the last or least of these details. We’ve been shopping our eyeballs out for new and inspiring hardware and figured it’s time to share the wealth—including the kitchens that are blowing our minds, and specific hardware that we CANNOT get enough of! Read on for some tips on sprucing up your kitchen, just by switching out the hardware!

So many features come together to make a kitchen stop us dead in our tracks, but the seemingly small detail of hardware can make or break the space. It’s the jewelry of the room! And there are an overwhelming amount of decisions to make when it comes down to it. Some of these jaw dropping kitchens prove that the cabinet hardware was the inspiration for the entire space- with the cabinetry designed around the hardware selection.

So what are our tips and tricks for selecting and placing hardware, you ask? Read on!

Tip #1: We love using 3 styles of hardware throughout a kitchen. A knob, a pull, and a latch or a knob, a bin pull, and a rod pull, for example.

Tip #2: Choose a hardware finish that complements lighting and plumbing fixtures, but it doesn’t have to match! It’s a great way to mix metals, however all the hardware chosen should be the same finish.

Tip #3: There are visually pleasing ways to place hardware, but we say break all the “rules” you know! Be functional, but get creative!

Tip #4: If replacing hardware on your existing cabinets, consider the existing holes and either work with them, or cover them up with hardware that has a backplate.

Don't underestimate the power of hardware to balance out the style of your room, add character and take your space up a notch. Are you inspired, yet?!? We’ve compiled some of our favorite hardware pieces from our never ending search for pretty hardware below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Happy accessorizing! -d+e

pillow party + a giveaway!

Hey friends! Just popping in to share our new and updated pillow shop with you! This has been a long time in the making due to some larger projects happening round here, but it’s FINALLYYY back! We love shopping for unique textiles, detailing the pillow down to the placement of the pattern and zipper, and of course, styling with them and seeing them come to life. To celebrate a pillow shop re-launch, we’re doing an instagram giveaway! Follow us, like our post, and tag a few friends in the comments and you could potentially have yourself a beautiful brandy new one-of-a-kind Rehabitat pillow just like that. Check out our shop for yourself and read on for a peek into our pillow party photoshoot!

pillows on bench2.jpg
rehabitat pillows s3 5.jpg
rehabitat pillows s3 chair.jpg

Enjoy! -d+e

re-pinned: non-traditional Christmas

Christmas brings out the blogging spirit in us because we can’t not share the most inspiring looks of the season! It’s not too late to spice up your usual decor and love your decorations this year! For me, (Emily writing here) the enjoyment is not slapping them up just to check it off the list and but actually the process of creating something new. It basically gives me a reason to do crafts every night with White Christmas on repeat. We didn’t do much decorating last year because we were in the hospital with a tiny babe! So this year I’m making up for it and double downing on ALLL the greenery. But since we have a crawler now that barely understands “don’t touch mommy’s fragile vintage pink ornaments”, (any tips are welcome!) we decided to scale down our tree to a tabletop and make up for it elsewhere. (Lots of high hanging garland + wreaths!) Today we bring you our favorite non-traditional Christmas decorations that have inspired us to freshen up our own and make them feel new! Check our Pinterest for all the reasons to get a little more creative this year.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the lovliness of the season! -d+e

before + after: haven drive kitchen + laundry

There is so much beautiful in this kitchen, we hardly know where to begin!  

Maybe we should start with the gorgeous country home that our clients' built - literally - in the late 70's. True to its New England roots, it is filled with gracious elements: French doors, fireplaces made of locally sourced bricks, real wood paneling, 

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 8 copy.jpg

and of course, the pine country kitchen. What did you expect? It was true to its roots - but our clients were ready to move on to something updated and fresh!

granby before 1.jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 1 (1).jpg
granby before 3.jpg

Boy did they ever! There are so many new words to describe this kitchen: bright, fresh, sophisticated, with lots of classic thrown in. We LOVE the two-toned cabinets, the leaded glass, the limestone floor (except that it's really drop-dead gorgeous, easy care porcelain), the mixed-metal combo faucet and hardware, and the space saving in-wall pantry.

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 6 .jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 2 (1).jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 7.JPG
granby before 2.jpg

Most satisfyingly of all, we knocked down this pesky wall between the dining room and kitchen, flooding the room with light and open space to breathe. It took some convincing, and some detailed trim work, (not to mention a new beam) but on the other side of the microwave cabinet below, is a great-looking custom-made dining room buffet which makes sense of the open space. (And let's face it - hides kitchen mess!!!)

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 5.JPG
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 3.JPG
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 4.JPG
granby before 4.jpg

 And then, there’s the laundry! Previously located in the basement, we carved out space in the powder room closet for a stacked pair of machines which are camouflaged very nicely if we do say so ourselves. And the added storage is a bonus! Again, so much beautiful!

granby laundry room.jpg.jpeg
granby laundry room 2.jpg.jpeg

It was a team effort! Thanks to Winnie and Jack, our perfect clients, and to Larry for the amazing cabinetry, and as always to GC Mike, for his superb management and attention to detail. 

Enjoy! -d+e